North Andover Booster Club is a youth sports organization in North Andover, Massachusetts. NABC offers football, flag football, cheerleading, basketball, softball, field hockey, wrestling and volleyball

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Due to Yom Kippur NABC is changing some of the dates for Girls Travel evaluations.  Below you will find the new schedule.  Changes are highlighted in red.

Please do not hesitate to ask to ask questions. 


TRAVEL TEAM TRYOUT SCHEDULE (you must be registered before tryouts)

Girls 5th Grade


September 17th and 20th

6:15 - 7:30 pm

Girls 6th Grade


September 21st

6:00 -7:30 pm


September 27th

6:15 - 7:30 pm

Girls 7th Grade


September 17th and 20th

7:30 – 9:00 pm

Girls 8th Grade   


September 21st  

7:30 – 9:00 pm


September 27th

7:30 – 9:00 pm

















UPDATED 10/13/17:


8th Grade

Coach Kurt von Sneidern: Depolito, Lucy 
  Gaffny, Maeve 
  Garcia, Alexa 
  Gouveia, Emma 
  Mangiameli, Maria 
  Mellody. Kaitlyn 
  O'Neil, Courtney 
  Robie, Katie 
  Sheppard, Lily 
  Von Sneidern, Sara 
Coach Todd Brown: Arce, Paulina 
  Asvestas, Taryn 
  Bard, Jenna  
  Brown,  Gabrielle 
  Clifford, Taylor 
  D'Entremont, Emma 
  Gove, Joslin 
  Hughes, Brianna 
  Papa, Paige 
  Phelan, Ava 
  Schwarz, Sofia 


7th Grade

Coach Ken Martin: Fallon, Margaret 
  Fitzgibbons, Katherine
  Flanagan, Ella 
  Hamilton, Cameron 
  Hurley, Fallon 
  Landers, Madison
  Martin, Hannah 
  McElroy, Keryn 
  Moran, Caitlin 
  Rogers, Jacqueline 
  Sarrasin, Kate 
Coach John Dias: Crane, Logan 
  Demers, Sydney 
  Finn, Katelyn
  Morton, Ayva 
  Murphy, Julia 
  Norton, Emily 
  Palmisano, Emma 
  Parsons, Taylor 
  Scudder, Camille 
  Scully, Emma 
  Taylor, Mackenzie 


6th Grade

Coach: Mike Papell: Benvenuto, Maria 
  Clifford, Alex 
  Dean, Polly 
  Hopkins, Carly 
  Lee, Maddie 
  Papell, Jane 
  Pease, Sadie 
  Phillips, Quinn 
  Siwicki, Ollvia 
  Willoe, Lauren 
Coach:  Todd Brown: Altunkilic, Elif 
  Broderick, Ava 
  Brown, Avery 
  Butterfield, Lucy 
  Gaffny, Brigid 
  Haley, Molly 
  Kuberski, Elise 
  Roche, Jenna 
  Tattan, Jacquelline 
  Zinter, Kierstyn 


5th Grade

Coach: BarriAnn Alonzo: Broussard, Sophie 
  Callahan, Meghan 
  Dias, Callie 
  Hanley, Emma 
  Lins, Ella 
  Lizotte, Marisa 
  Randone, Fallon 
  Rogers, Sydney  
  Rozzi, Meg 
  Sacchetti, Gianna 
  Sutera, Sara 
  Taylor, Julianna 




UPDATED 8/3/17:

Travel Team Evaluations are scheduled.  You MUST be registered before the evaluation.

  • Girls 5th Grade
    • NAMS
    • September 18th and 20th
    • 6 - 7:25pm
  • Girls 6th Grade
    • NAMS
    • September 21st and 22nd
    • 6 - 7:25pm
  • Girls 7th Grade
    • NAMS
    • September 18th and 20th
    • 7:30 - 9pm
  • Girls 8th Grade
    • NAMS
    • September 21st and 22nd
    • 7:30 - 9pm


UPDATED 8/3/17: Registration for K-8 is open .

Welcome to the North Andover Booster Club Girls Basketball Program!


The North Andover Booster Club offers programs for girls in grades K-8.

For grades K, 1, 2 and 3 we offer an instructional program, grade 4 is an in town league format and for grades 5-8 we offer two programs; an In- town Program and a Travel Program. The goals are to learn and play the game of basketball, make new friends, learn to be good sports on and off the basketball court, and most of all have fun!

Please refer to the descriptions below for the appropriate program.

Please email Co-commissioners Jess Flanagan or Michael Hurley with questions.

Bookmark this page and visit the website for information and schedules throughout the season!   

We offer two programs, an In-house Program and a Travel Program. You must be in Grades 5-8 to participate in these programs. 

In Town Program

The In-town Program is open to all players of all levels of experience and ability. The in-house teams will be made up of 10-12 players, and will have one practice and one game per week. Games will be played on Saturdays. Playing time in the in-house program is divided equally among all players, regardless of ability, and the goal is to assemble teams of equal strength. The teams will be made up of 7th and 8th graders in one division, and 5th and 6th in the other. There will be playoffs at the conclusion of the season for each division. The Program runs from early December until the end of Feb/early March. This year we will be introducing a draft. Our goal is to evenly match the teams which add to better competition.  

The cost for registration for the In-house Program is $120.00.

On-line registration begins on 8/1 and ends on 10/15.  An additional fee of $20 will be charged for registrations after this date. Note: Late registrations will close by November 1st and will be available only if space permits.

Travel Program 
Players wishing to participate in the travel program will be chosen through a try-out process. (Please check this site under basketball news for the tryout schedule).   This program is designed for the more advanced player, and requires a greater time commitment than the in-house program. Travel teams will have two practices per week, and will play games on the weekend. Games can be on Saturday or Sunday, or sometimes both. Playing time is not equal, although every player will play in every game, and travel players will not participate in the in-house program. Playing time is at the discretion of the coaches. Please give careful consideration to all of this before deciding to try out for travel. Each grade will have at least one travel team; however it is possible to have two travel teams per grade, which is solely dependent on the number of girls who try out. The girls travel program participates in River Valley League. To check out the league you can go to their website River Valley Girls League

An additional fee of 85.00 is collected by the coaches AFTER a player has made a travel team.  A uniform purchase will also need to be made.  Uniform cost information will be provided before tryouts.   


The Saturday morning basketball program is available to boys and girls in Grades K-4 and runs from early December to late February. Grades K, 1, 2 and 3 will be an instructional program that will allow the kids to learn the basic fundamentals of the game in a fun environment. Grades K-3 will not be placed on teams and will practice for one hour on Saturdays. 

Grade 4 will be a league format with an eight game schedule and playoffs. Grade 4 will have one practice during the week and a morning game on Saturday at the North Andover Youth Center.

The cost of the program is $50 for Grades 2-3 and $100 for Grade 4. 

On-line registration begins on 8/1 and ends on 10/15. An additional fee of $20 will be charged for registrations after this date. Note: Late registrations will close by November 1st and will be available only if space permits.